Need Affordable Advice? 

If you’re a struggling actor (nothing wrong with that, everyone has to start somewhere) and on a rather tight budget (because we all know how expensive taking care of an acting career can get plus we still have to survive right) – then this service is perfect for you!

I called this section “Dollar Advice” because you can get feedback, advice and recommendations, all over email, for only a few bucks! I can give you valuable tips & tricks regarding your unique individual questions and concerns for a very (!) affordable price.

To clarify, the feedback I give you is from my “professional actress” point of view, but you can be certain that it will be an honest and truthful response. Also I’m trained and have a big understanding of producing, casting, directing and even editing.

How Professional Is This Service?

If you’re still hesitant, just send me a message (see form below) and express your situation and what you’re concerned about or struggling with most at the moment. I work with a lot of people that are high up there in this industry and true experts from years and years of experience especially as Directors, Casting Professionals, general Filmmakers, Writers Editors and Producers here in Hollywood, Los Angeles. These people are only a phone call away from me and I will certainly ask for their opinion and viewpoint additionally to mine, so that you can be confident about the feedback we’ll give you.

US Immigrants

I especially recommend foreigners and US immigrants to use this service, because you might have very specific questions regarding your acting career, the path you’re planning on going, a visa you’d like to apply for or just simply some headshots you took and can’t make a decision on which ones are the best. Plus of course I can help you particularly because I myself came from overseas (Switzerland) and needed to fight through all this as well. So trust me, I understand how tough it can be.

Also, one of the best things, you get a guaranteed email response within 48 hours or you can have your money back!

Here is a list of services I offer incl. prices (payable through PayPal – see below):

  1. Headshots – We Choose Your Top Three Pics $2.99
  2. Resume – How To Improve Your Acting Resume $2.99
  3. Typecast – What Is Your Brand? What Roles Can You Best Get Cast In? $5.99
  4. Demo Reel – What Works Best And What Could Use Improvement In Your Reel? $5.99
  5. Visa – What Visas Could Work Best For Your Specific Situation? $5.99
  6. Audition Self-Submitting – Tips On How and Where to Get Yourself Auditions $5.99
  7. Website – How To Best Build Your Own Personal & Simple Website! $5.99
  8. Scene – Which Scene/ Monologue Fits Your Typecast Best? $8.99
  9. YouTube – How To Start A YouTube Channel And Get A Following $8.99
  10. Social Media – Inside Tips On Building a Following (IG, Twitter, YouTube) $8.99

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Is There Anything Else I Can Help With?

Of course these are just ideas and inspirations for what your specific need/question/problem might be. So don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions at all and we can hopefully agree on a price together. We can first talk about how I can assist you before you have to pay me, so we can decide if this “Dollar Advice” Email Service will help you, or if you might be better off with a Skype Counseling Session or even a personal meeting, which I offer too (click link for more).

Remember I’m here to help you get stronger, better and unstoppable in pursuing your goal of a successful Hollywood Acting Career!


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